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 Straightforward English documents

  • With us everything is written in straightforward English.
  • You don’t have to worry about complicated form filling. And if you need to speak to someone just give us a call either before you buy, or if you need to claim.
  • Long established: Iberian Properties & their associatees in Insurance have been a specialist Spanish & Portuguese holiday home insurance providers since for over 15 years, our policies are arranged through The best underwriters.

Buildings insurance for your holiday home in Spain & Portugal – what does it cover?

  • Fixtures and fittings attached to the Holiday Home, domestic outbuildings, garages, domestic fixed fuel oil tanks, swimming pools, tennis courts, drives, patios and terraces, walls, gates and fences.
  • Tailored holiday home insurance
  • covers loss and damage caused by:
  • Fire, lightning, earthquake or explosion.
  • Damage from storm, flood or weight of snow.
  • Escape of water from fixed water tanks, apparatus or pipes.
  • Escape or theft of oil from a fixed domestic oil-fired heating installation.
  • Theft or attempted theft including theft by guests, even when entry is not forced.
  • Impact by aircraft, vehicles or animals.

 Damage caused

  • During violent disorder including riots, strikes, civil commotion or
  • Damage from falling trees, lamp posts or telegraph poles
  • The cost of repairing accidental breakage to fixed glass and double glazing,
  • The cost of repairing accidental damage to domestic fuel oil pipes and underground utilities such as water-supply pipes, sewers, drains and septic tanks, gas pipes or cables.
  • Accidental damage to audio and visual equipment within the holiday home.
  • Contents in the open such as garden furniture.
  • Costs you have to pay for replacing locks following theft of your keys.
  • Your contents will be covered on a new for old basis.

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