Euribor Rate Rises to 3.345% (like it was in January 2006)

The 12-month Euribor, which is usually the interest rate lenders use to calculate the mortgage interest rates in Spain, are now 3.345% as of 23rd January 2023, up from 2.842% on the 1st December 2022. Euribor stands for Euro Interbank offered Rate

Depending on lender a typical variable rate would be the 12 month euribor plus 1%- 2%.

This would mean a typical 20-year variable-rate repayment Spanish mortgage of €150,000 with a spread of 2% above euribor would be a monthly mortgage payment of €1018.

Some financial experts we have spoken to seem to think however that rates may not rise much higher or may even drop and the current rate is the same as it was in January 2006 and less than it was in 2007.

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