Golden Visa

Unlock the Spanish Golden Visa

Investors spending a minimum €500,000 on residential real estate or a portfolio of properties making up this limit will gain a residence visa often referred to as the “Spanish Golden Visa”.

The key points of the Spanish residency visa are:

  • Minimum investment of €500,000.
  • Investment cannot be mortgage funded.
  • Spouse and dependent children included in the visa.
  • No minimum stay period.
  • Renewable up to five years.
  • Travel throughout the EU Schengen visa zone.

After five years those who have invested in Spanish property (and immediate family members) may apply for permanent residency although that will require a minimum residence period of 183 days. Citizenship and a Spanish passport can be applied for after a period of permanent residence in Spain. This then grants the right to live and work anywhere

For more detailed information please find the attached document here: Golden Visa Information

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